Digital innovation

Innovation is about more than technology.

We help you use digital to achieve your goals – generate new revenues, improve reach and engage audiences with fresh experiences.

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Getting value from data

Creative and cultural enterprises thrive on connecting people and sharing knowledge – developing relationships with artists and partners, reaching out to audiences, and sharing new art and content.

We help you make the data which underpins these interactions easy to access, share and understand – ultimately turning it into a strategic asset.

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Getting value from creative assets

For many arts organisations the digital capture and distribution of content is still a new and untested area.

We help you to turn your content into valuable assets – that can reach new audiences and generate additional revenues.

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Enterprise and resilience

Enterprise requires more than creativity.

We help you develop the organisational capability and find the funding to realise your creative and commercial ambitions.

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17 August 2017, Sophia Woodley

Is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) keeping you up at night? Join Golant Media Ventures and Digital Catapult for an afternoon workshop to develop a practical vision-driven roadmap...

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16 August 2017, Sophia Woodley

Why spend money on technology when you could be spending money on art and artists? This is a recurring question – asked by artists, board members and senior management alike. Many arts organi...

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14 August 2017, Sophia Woodley

Organisations in the publicly funded arts, culture and heritage sector need to innovate. They are facing both funding cuts and heightened standards from funders. Audiences are bringing new ex...

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2 August 2017, Sophia Woodley

The tools created by the digital age are now enabling a second paradigm shift – to a world where ordinary people are able to control their personal data and gain value from it themselves. In...

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